Taylor Leigh - Techie and the Tramp


Taylor Leigh - Techie and the Tramp
Taylor Leigh is late for a business meeting, with her husband. She's supposed to be bringing the presentations, but is having computer problems, so she calls for help. Her computer geek arrives just in the nick of time, but what does he discover? Sure enough, there's hardcore porn of his client right there for him to view. It's not long before he's wacking it to America's naughtiest hotwife! When Taylor catches him, is she mad? Of course not! She's a hotwife and this is a perfect opportunity. "Fuck my business meeting" she says. "My husband can wait. I'd rather fuck you instead." And that she does. Hotwife Taylor has her way with her young but HUNG computer nerd., sucking and fucking his mammoth dick and begging for him to stretch her married hole. When it's time to blow the load, Hotwife Taylor actually begs for him to shoot his hot cum on her wedding ring - and then satisfyingly licks it all off, like a good hotwife should. (Starring Taylor Leigh and Conor Coxxx)

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