Josie Cairaway - Of Course I Let Them


Josie Cairaway - Of Course I Let Them
Hi, hubby how was your day? Why do you look so upset? Why are you holding my dirty panties? Yes, they’re the pair I wore the other night when I was getting naughty with your friend. I told you all about that while I sat on your face and jerked you off, or did you somehow forget that already? Why would I make them wear condoms? You know how much I hate them. Also, how did you not notice that my pussy tasted different, when you were licking me? No, I’ve never worn a condom with any of the men I’ve cucked you with. Yes, you’ve tasted all of their cum. I figured you liked it because you eat my pussy better than ever after I’ve just been fucked. You see, your cuckold fantasy is me fucking your friends behind your back. Mine is turning you into a cum eating, humiliation-loving, cuckold bitch. Judging by how hard your cock is you like my fantasy too. Pull out your dick and stroke for me while I tell you all about all the cum you’ve swallowed. I’ll give you cum-countdown when you’re close and you can start eating your cum for me too.

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