Josie Cairaway - It’s Cute You Think That


Josie Cairaway - It’s Cute You Think That
HAHAHA! Are you really trying to man up and put your foot down right now? Look at you! You’re so cute. You’re utterly ridiculous, but you’re also very cute. You do realize how stupid what you’re saying is right? You’re on your knees, in a chastity cage, wearing panties, a bra, pantyhose, a little too much makeup, and you’re forbidding me to go out and fuck another man tonight. You might have a better chance of stopping me if you actually acted like a man when you said it. Instead, you just whined at me like the bitch you are, which is why I locked your tiny useless clitty up in chastity and made you my sissy in the first place. You’re pathetic and weak unlike the guy whose going to fuck me tonight. He is strong, masculine and has a great big cock. You did make me laugh really hard though. And the fact that I now know how hardcore this is going to fuck with your emotions, is going to make the pounding I get from that big dick, so much sweeter. The only thing that could make it better is to fuck with my sissy bitch’s mind even more before I go out. Here’s the key to your chastity cage. Take your little clitty out. Yes, I’m going to let you rub your clitty before I go. You don’t get to cum though. No, I’m going to fill your sissy bitch head with all kinds of images of what he’s going to do to me tonight while you rub that puny, useless clit. I’m also going to be holding my riding crop while I do so that if you do cum when I give you a countdown, I can immediately start your punishment, which will be punishing your balls and clitty until you can’t help but spend the rest of your evening curled up in a ball, crying.

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