Ginary - Triple Domme CBT Instruction POV


Ginary - Triple Domme CBT Instruction POV
Sexy Domme Goddesses - Katy Faery, Nikki Brooks, and Brenda Renee - sit in front of you, and Nikki presents you to her friends as she sits in her throne. The beautiful and powerful ladies can’t wait to have their fun with you! Nikki and Katy show off their sharp nails, and tell you everything they would do to your cock and balls with them. Brenda shows off her spikes, and the ladies grab other toys to cause major pain to your balls. Nikki grabs a candle and shows everything she can do with it to your cock, making it red and burning hot! Katy, Nikki, and Brenda tap, smack and hit your cock and balls until you can’t take anymore! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Brenda, Katy, or Nikki? Email us today.)

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