Ginary - Sadie & Sherry Made To Inflate By Ginary


Ginary - Sadie & Sherry Made To Inflate By Ginary
Sadie Holmes and Sherry Stunns are all tied up on the wall, resting, as Ginary slams them until they open their eyes. She then tells them she has a little game for them. Sadie and Sherry are confused, but Ginary starts to explain the rules of her “Pump & Dice” game. Ginary tells them they each have tubes in their asses, and pumps in their hands, and they will roll the dice, and have to pump that many pumps. Ginary explains all the rules, then rolls the dice, giving Sadie her first pumps of the game. They play the game - rolling the dice and filling their asses and bellies up with air. Ginary rubs their clits as their bellies grow, making them cum. She uses vibrators to make them cum more, and announces the winner. Watch to see who wins the Pump & Dice inflation game! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary, Sadie, or Sherry? Email us today.)

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