Ginary - Pregnant Renee Goes Into Labor


Ginary - Pregnant Renee Goes Into Labor
Pregnant Renee Nuttz lays on the couch trying to prep for a hurricane as Paris Love comes in and tells her she found chargers, but she’s not sure if any go to Renee’s phone. When none of them work, Paris tries to go find another solution, and as she walks into the kitchen, Renee’s water breaks! Renee’s phone is without power, Paris’ phone is without power, and no-one can call emergency services to help. Renee starts to have contractions and goes into labor, and Paris starts to panic. Renne moves in different positions on the couch, and tries to breathe as Paris panics and tries to help her breathe. Renee tells Paris to go get towels, because this babe is coming in the hurricane! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Paris or Renee? Email us today.)

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