Ginary - Nikki & Vika - Body Inflation Gone Wrong


Ginary - Nikki & Vika - Body Inflation Gone Wrong
Nikki Brooks and Vika are stretching, and Vika tells Nikki she’s so jealous of Nikki’s perfect body and huge tits. Nikki admits to Vika a special gum made Nikki’s boobs and ass grow large, and she gives a piece to Vika to try. Vika chews the gum, and she starts to grow bigger and bigger. The gum Nikki gave Vika is tainted, though, and Vika’s belly starts to grow instead of her butt! Nikki tells Vika she needs to blow bigger bubbles with the gum to get bigger, and laughs at Vika as she freaks out and struggles. Nikki gives Vika a squeeze, and she POPs! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Vika? Email us today.)

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