Ginary - Nikki & Paris Grow To Size Of Giants


Ginary - Nikki & Paris Grow To Size Of Giants
Paris Love sits on the couch as Nikki Brooks comes in with the special potion she was telling her about. Nikki shares a potion she got with Paris that is supposed to make their ass grow. The girls get up and stretch to help the potion start working. Nikki and Paris start to feel something as the potion works through their bodies, and their skirts start to get smaller and smaller on their body as their asses grow. Nikki and Paris grow larger, and their panties and shirts start to rip off from growing huge! They grow taller until finally they bust through the roof - becoming naked giantess beauties, fantasizing about eating their tiny neighbors! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Paris? Email us today.)

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