Ginary - Nahla Sweaty Foot Worship By Velvet


Ginary - Nahla Sweaty Foot Worship By Velvet
Lady Velvet and Nahla Feti walk in after a long day of working out, and they sit on the couch and get comfortable. Velvet tells Nahla she bets her feet are stinky, and tells her to put her feet up so she can look at them. Velvet takes off Nahla’s shoes, and reveals her stinky sweaty socks. Velvet buries her nose in Nahla’s stinky sweaty feet, taking off both of Nahla’s shoes and sniffing them. Velvet gets lost in the smell of Nahla’s stinky feet, taking deep whiffs of them both as Nahla lays back and relaxes. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nahla or Velvet? Email us today.)

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