Ginary - Michelle & Valentina Diaper Age Regress


Ginary - Michelle & Valentina Diaper Age Regress
Valentina Bellucci and Michelle Peters sit on the couch, and Valentina is trying to stress to Michelle that she really wants a babe. Valentina tells Michelle she won’t be happy without a babe, but Michelle doesn't want a babe. Michelle tells Valentina she will do anything for her, so Valentina goes and grabs a diaper and babe powder, and tells her to put it on and be her babe. Michelle lays back and lets Valentina put on her diaper. After Michelle gets the diaper on, she says she has to pee, and Valentina tells her to pee in the diaper. Michelle tells her no, but can't hold it and goes on herself. She goes number two on herself next, and Valentina grabs wipes and cleans it up. Michelle lays and breastfeeds off Valentina's breasts. Michelle lays on the couch with a binky in her mouth, and pees in her diaper again. Valentina falls down resting and Michelle puts a binkie in her mouth, and a diaper on her too. Now it's Michelle's turn to be the Mama! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Michelle or Valentina? Email us today.)

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tit sucking / nipple fetish diaper diaper fetish wet & messy diaper discipline