Ginary - Lady Velvet Inflates Until She Explodes


Ginary - Lady Velvet Inflates Until She Explodes
Lady Velvet and Sydney Paige argue about who is hotter - Sydney in her skimpy dress, or Velvet in her conservative clothing. Sydney calls Velvet out for challenging her, and she slaps her. Velvet and Sydney start to scuffle and fight, punching each other and cussing each other out. Sydney takes a cupcake and smashes it into Velvet's face, and laughs at her as she cries. Velvet runs to the bathroom, and the girls fight again in the bathroom. Velvet runs off again and slips on the cupcake, and Velvet and Sydney fight again in the living room. Syndey grabs an air pump and shoves it in Velvet's mouth, and Velvet starts to inflate! Velvet grows bigger and bigger, unable to get the tube out of her mouth. Sydney listens from another room until she hears a huge POP! Velvet explodes from all the air! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sydney or Velvet? Email us today.)

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