Ginary - Ginary & Katy - Sexy Lesbian Swimming


Ginary - Ginary & Katy - Sexy Lesbian Swimming
Sexy girlfriends, Ginary and Katy Faery, walk out by the pool in their high heels, talking about the pool party they are going to have tonight, and how they want to practice giving head to their boyfriends under the water. They sit and take their heels off, and climb into the pool. Katy and Ginary dunk their heads under the water, and practice holding their breath, letting their long brown hair fall in their face as they come up for air. Ginary and Katy climb on top of each other in the pool, and take off each others panties in the water. They dip their heads under the water, and poke their asses out above the water at the same time. The ladies 69 while standing in the pool, then climb out and dunk their heads in from the side of the pool. Ginary and Katy lick each others pussies while under the water, and dunk their heads, getting in perfect practice for their sexy pool party tonight with their boyfriends! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary or Katy? Email us today.)

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