Ginary - Catherine - Breast Expansion Experiment


Ginary - Catherine - Breast Expansion Experiment
A slightly confused Catherine Foxx stands in front you, feeling you in her mind and asking if you are an alien. She agrees to your tests as long as she gets to go home. Suddenly you shove a tube in her mouth, and instantly her boobs start to grow. Catherine struggles and moans as her tits continue to grow huge with the tube still stuck in her mouth. After her boobs have grown to a massive size, it’s time for her next test in human sexuality. She starts sucking on the dildo you placed beside her, getting turned on as she rubs on her huge tits. You then make her suck and ride on your massive alien cock until you implant her with your foreign seed. Some time later, Catherine awakes with her tits and pregnant belly still inflated and massive, not quite sure if the otherworldly encounter was real or just a dream. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Catherine? Email us today.)  *uses dildo as simulated cock*

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