Ginary - Brenda & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Date - 1/3


Ginary - Brenda & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Date - 1/3
Nikki Brooks walks in and gets beverages ready for Brenda Renee’s arrival. Brenda walks in, excited to meet Nikki, and they start to kiss and caress each other. Brenda bends over, and Nikki starts to admire and worship her ass. As Brenda is bent over, she farts in Nikki’s face, and apologizes, but Nikki admits she loves it. She kisses and worships Brenda’s ass, then Brenda returns the favor as Nikki is bent over the table. Brenda takes in Nikki’s gasses, and continues to worship her ass. They share a beverage to make them a little more gassy and horny, and kiss and rub all over each others bodies as they pass gas at the same time! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Brenda or Nikki? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated*

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