Ginary - Ashlynn & Slyyy - Diaper Humiliation Fun


Ginary - Ashlynn & Slyyy - Diaper Humiliation Fun
Slyyy is sitting on the couch as Ashlynn Taylor walks in, and asks if Slyyy is OK. Slyyy is rude to Ashlynn, telling her to mind her own business. Ashlynn is tired of being treated like dirt - so she devises a plan to use a potion to get Slyyy back. She gives Slyyy a potion, and suddenly Slyyy starts to regress in age. She grabs her feet and acts little, and Ashlynn walks in to take care of her. Ashlynn pulls out a diaper and lays Slyyy down, putting a diaper on her and powdering her butt while Slyyy lays, sucking on her binky. Slyyy snaps out of it and gets angry - then makes Ashlynn consume the water, and have her turn next. Slyy gets Ashlynn back by putting a diaper on her too! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ashlynn or Slyyy? Email us today.)

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