Ginary - Anastasia & Maria - Greased Up Ass Game


Ginary - Anastasia & Maria - Greased Up Ass Game
Anastasia Rose and Maria Jade are standing around naked as Anastasia proposes they play a little game. Anastasia thinks they should play rock-paper-scissors to pass the time, but Maria tells Anastasia she is bored with that game… they have played it all the time, as long as she can remember. So Anastasia thinks of a twist to the game that would be fun - Whoever loses has to grease up the others ass with oil! Maria agrees, and they start to play, and Maria has to grease Anastasia’s ass first. The ladies go back and forth, playing rock-paper-scissors and greasing up each others ass and assholes! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Anastasia or Maria? Email us today.)

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