Ginary - Ami & Paris - Lesbian Fart Date - FULL


Ginary - Ami & Paris - Lesbian Fart Date - FULL
*THIS INCLUDES ALL THREE PARTS OF THE CUSTOM MOVIE PACKAGED TOGETHER AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE* Part 1… Paris Love is excited for Ami Mercury to show up, and she prepares a beverage for them to share. Ami knocks on the door and comes in, and the ladies start to kiss and admire each other. Ami bends over, and Paris starts to worship her. Ami farts, passing gas in Paris’ face, and Paris gets turned on by her flatulence. Paris bends over, next, and Ami worships her ass as she’s bent over, kissing and sniffing her rump. Ami and Paris worship each others bodies as they pass gas. Then after they have had their fun, they move to the bedroom for more! Part 2… Paris and Ami sit on the couch and share a beverage that makes them a little more gassy and horny. Ami gives Paris a lap dance, farting in her face as she grinds her ass on her lap. She climbs on top of Paris, and Paris kisses her ass as she passes mesmerizing gas. Paris goes next, giving Ami a lap dance as she farts right on top of her at the same time! Paris farts on Ami and gives her a magical lap dance until Ami submits to her will. Part 3… Paris and Ami walk into the bedroom, and start to kiss while naked on the bed. Ami farts, passing gas right in Pariss face as she worships and caresses her body. They roll around in the bed, licking each other and taking in each others lovely farts. Paris and Ami 69 and scissor each other, making each other cum as they continue to pass gas. After they have their fun, Paris and Ami lay in bed cuddling, talking about their future plans. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ami or Paris? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated*

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